Langevin Real Estate introduces Lange2.0, our new ethnological marketing tool; a science that studies the similarities and differences between groups of people.

Lange2.0 is a search engine developed by artificial intelligence strategists, a new generation of high-tech tools. Lange2.0 works amazingly efficiently and accurately targets customers based on: income, interests and tastes, navigation, and much more!

And Lange2.0 doesn’t stop there. Combining the power of Google and Meta algorithms, it helps us in REAL TIME.

Lange2.0 automatically joins similar requests from buyers, finding the perfect client in record time!
Just imagine! Being able to TARGET in a truly MORE ACCURATE, FAST AND EFFICIENT way, the qualified potential buyers for your property!

Presenting your property online on the main real estate sites (Centris, MLS, Realtor, etc.) does not guarantee reaching the right audience. Your offer is too often buried under a crowd of other properties and this, without guaranteeing to reach the right target.

With Lange2.0, we target the specific real estate needs and established habits of consumers; this increases the effectiveness of YOUR ADVERTISING and reaches potential customers much more accurately!

The market is changing and so are our strategies.

Real estate intelligence!

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