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Bayrem Ben Larbi – BMO Mortgage Specialist

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Whether you’re buying your first or next home, choosing the right mortgage is an important step. I’m committed to helping you find the right financing for your needs and making your mortgage experience as simple as possible. Let’s set up an appointment at a time and place that’s convenient for you and get started.

As a service-oriented real estate finance specialist, I have the experience and expertise to provide you with sound advice.  I am ready to advise you from start to finish on :

  •    applying for a pre-approved mortgage
  • Financing your first or next home and renovations
  • Transferring your mortgage to BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Refinancing a mortgage or using the equity in your current home
  • Or any other home financing issue.

With access to competitive borrowing solutions, I can help you understand your options and find the solution that best suits your particular needs.


To get started, contact me today!

Élément de base – Montreal sofas company

393 Google reviews

The brand’s core values include durability, flexibility and affordability. What we want to do is offer something a little trendy – inspired by high-end Italian furniture – that stands out from what you find in stores, and then make it accessible to more people. As a basic element, it’s also a different way of consuming; a slower, more personalized approach.


We focus on the longevity of the pieces, especially with our dry cleanable and replaceable slipcovers, which greatly extend the life of our sofas. We see so many couches on the curb, thrown away because they are stained or out of style. It’s a waste! To be durable, a sofa must be able to withstand real life; children, the dog, guests… Our slipcover concept allows our furniture to have a second or third life, which reduces its ecological footprint. Moreover, our collections are designed to evolve with our customers. Since they are modular, they can be rearranged according to your space and enjoyed for a long time.

All our pieces are made to order, this way of doing things allows the customer to assert his difference. He can choose his colors, his materials, and create a sofa that no one else in the world has. We believe in individual and artistic expression, as well as in all the process and reflection involved in choosing such an important piece of furniture in the home. Because our lead times are a few months, and our furniture is built to last, our customers are often less stressed; they think about their purchase in a more composed, intentional, and sustainable way.

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