Montréal, an incredible city

The largest city in Quebec, and the second largest in Canada, Montreal is a vibrant, multi-faceted city, Montreal’s many boroughs have a distinct personality and identity.

Montreal’s mix of European and North American cultures crafts an incredible life experience, unique to the country, and the continent.  Historically, Montreal has hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics, and the 1967 World’s Fair (Expo 67), displaying the prominence of the city on the world stage.  Keeping with that tradition of events, Montreal hosts all manner of festivals: Just for Laughs, Les Francofolies, International Jazz Festival.  Continuing on that note, the local sporting teams like the Montreal Canadiens, and the Montreal Allouettes bring energy and excitement on game days, and Montreal F1 Grand Prix is internationally renowned.  Experience the energy for yourself!   The city is well represented academically, with six universities, and countless research institutions giving Montreal recognition as one of the best Student cities in the world.  Finally, never feel disconnected with nature, as the cities’ parks and green spaces are never far from your doorstep. 

Let this standard of living sweep you away!  Montreal is right for you.


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