Geneviève Langevin

geneviève meilleur courtier immobilier Montréal

Who is Geneviève Langevin ?

Born in Montreal, Geneviève Langevin is the daughter of teacher parents who quickly convinced her of the importance of acquiring a solid education. Even as a child, she was adamant that she wanted to be an accomplished businesswoman. In the late 90s, she completed a BAC in business administration at UQAM with an international concentration, followed by a certificate in public relations at McGill University. With these diplomas in hand and a strong entrepreneurial instinct, Geneviève founded her first company, LUX agence de casting, which enjoyed sustained success for 8 consecutive years.

She firmly believes that discipline and hard work brought her what she aspired to. 

What’s more, her philosophy remains and always will be: “We are what we most often think we are. Be positive, believe in it and live it up.

Geneviève is the one who strategizes, markets, negotiates for sellers and gets the best price for your property. 

The assistants take care of scheduling appointments and a host of other details to make your overall experience a pleasant one. 

The marketing manager is responsible for all communications, whether digital (social networks, Google AdWords advertising, website management, etc.) or paper (billboards, brochures and leaflets, etc.), as well as managing all operations and events organized for Langevin Immobilier. 

And of course, our team of real estate brokers, market experts and fine negotiators. They are your best advisors!

So what does Geneviève do to achieve such success?

Her ambition is to complete every transaction in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price. She does this with skill, confidence and determination, while exuding a contagious positive energy. An experienced businesswoman and leader, she doesn’t hesitate to handle situations with an iron fist in a velvet glove. So how does she manage to perform so well? If you were to ask her this question directly, she’d tell you that she manages to be so successful by channeling her energy to the benefit of her valued customers. An accomplished mother, she manages her career, her family life and her taste for the good things in life in a balanced way, so as to continue to be happy to be here on earth.

A woman of action, she stands out for her drive, determination and in-depth knowledge of the market. She uses these qualities to help her customers get the best service and the best price for their property. Today, her Langevin Immobilier team is among the top 1% of sellers in Canada* out of over 22,000 brokers, and is the 2nd best seller in Quebec.

*Team” category ranking at Royal LePage, for the province of Quebec, period from November 16, 2022 to May 15, 2023.

Why did she stop at real estate brokerage?

For as long as she can remember, architecture, design and the vitality of neighborhoods have always held a keen interest for her, but it was during a personal real estate transaction that Geneviève fell in love with the profession. The year 2010 marked the turning point in her career, when she became a real estate broker for the prestigious RE/MAX banner. She was quickly referred by her clientele, and a string of successful real estate transactions followed, making her the only broker in her agency with the highest number of closed transactions, year after year. There’s no doubt that her ability to juggle multiple situations quickly and efficiently is paying off.

Geneviève Langevin, it’s also a team!

Complete each transaction in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price. Remain among the best brokerage teams for Royal Lepage Altitude by providing expertise, quality and optimal service.

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