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Why work with a broker?

Selling real estate can sometimes be a stressful experience.
If you are like most of our clients, you live at the fullest. Your time is limited between work, children and other activities. That’s why surrounding yourself with a good, professional and responsive broker often makes all the difference in the world when selling.

It is important to do some research before choosing a broker to find the one who will best meet your needs. Start your research by visiting the broker file on the OACIQ website. You will find all the information about your broker, the validity of his broker’s license, the complete professional file… Then, think about looking at his website, his reviews and Google comments. This will give you a good idea of the person’s work. Finally, let your instincts speak for themselves. If you have a good feeling, it’s often a sign that your partnership will work well.

A broker’s commission rate?

After a brief search, you identify a few real estate brokerage service offerings and wonder how much commission to pay for quality service. When selling a property, the goal is to save time and money and get the best possible sale price.

Traditionally, when selling a property, you pay a percentage that can vary depending on the service offer, and this, only once the house is sold. Therefore, it is essential, before choosing a broker, to ask him for his marketing plan in writing in order to properly evaluate your investment. Some offers may seem much less expensive than the average. But if the broker does not market your home well and in an organized manner, if he or she is not present during showings, and if his or her experience in your market and negotiation skills are limited, this decision could cost you dearly, even if the commission percentage is reduced.

The importance of a comprehensive marketing plan

Make sure you get the best value for your money by hiring a broker who can demonstrate his or her experience and skills by presenting you with a comprehensive, forward-thinking marketing plan and a program of guarantees and insurance that you are entitled to. A good broker will have the skills to maximize your selling price during negotiations with the buyer and will know, if necessary, how to orchestrate a multiple offer situation to your advantage, while respecting the rules with collaborating agents.

The choice of a real estate broker is an important decision that will have an impact on your entire transaction. It is essential to do business with someone you can trust, who will offer you a high quality service and who will protect your interests while seeking the best sale price for you… so choose wisely!

Why work with the Langevin Real Estate team?

At Langevin Real Estate, we place great importance on customer service. Our mission is to close every transaction in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price.

“My team makes sales every other day.”

Geneviève Langevin

In addition, our comprehensive and global marketing plan allows you to achieve maximum visibility.

Our social networks Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube are seen +1,500,000/year.
Your ad will be published on local, national and international specialized real estate websites and seen +45.3 million/year.
Your property will be published in real estate magazines and seen +350 000/year.
We have 17 billboards all over Montreal and are seen by +17 million people/year.
A team of 5 translators (Mandarin, French, English, Spanish and Italian) to provide international visibility.
A call center in charge of promoting your property with 150 hours of calls per week.

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