How to sell quickly?

Discover our 20 tips to sell your house quickly.

1) Making a good impression

Remember that the first impression of visitors is the main entrance to the house. Make sure everything is clean and repainted, if necessary. Your lawn and landscaping should be maintained regularly and make sure that dead leaves and garbage do not appear in the backyard. If it has snowed, clean and remove any ice from the stairs and driveway.

2) Thinking about touching up

To avoid explaining what your home might look like, be sure to do some touch-up painting, replace damaged wallpaper, repair visible cracks and fix broken tiles when necessary.

3) Welcome the sun

Daylight maximizes a home’s charm. Raise the blinds and draw the curtains, and visitors will see how bright and welcoming your home is.

4) Repairing water leaks

A leaky faucet spoils the appearance of a bath or sink and is a sign of faulty plumbing, which may discourage some buyers. Fix the problem as soon as possible.

5) Paying attention to details

The buyer will have his eye on everything, so even the smallest details are important. They are the ones that show the overall look of a property. Take the time to check that the doors, sliding windows and drawers work properly.

6) Strengthening security

Make sure that the stairways are clear and that everything is in order because visitors will want to see every corner of the house in complete safety. It is important to avoid any accidents and not to interfere with the smooth running of the visit… don’t forget, there is a sale going on!

7) Valorize basement and attic

These are usually the rooms that are overlooked: the attic, basement and other storage spaces. However, they play an important role in the overall image of the house. So, think about lighting these rooms, tidying them up and if necessary repainting them to make them more attractive.

8) Organize your storage spaces

It is essential to have your storage spaces such as cabinets, shelves, closets properly organized. Buyers are looking for large spaces where they can store their stuff.

9 )Give priority to the bathroom and kitchen

These pieces are often decisive for the buyer. Present them in their best light, they must be sparkling clean. To do this, clean the faucets, repair cracks and lack of caulking. The detail is important: keep towels and linens clean and personal items organized.

10) The welcoming bedrooms

Keep these rooms bright and clean, remove unnecessary furniture, use attractive and colorful bedspreads and clean blinds and curtains.

11) Lighting, a key element

Some visits can take place in the evening, think of turning on your outside lights to give charm to your house. It is the same for the interior, light all the rooms to make them warmer.

12) Avoiding traffic

Family or friend gatherings can make buyers feel like they are intruding on your home. As a result, they may be inclined to cut short their visit or overlook important aspects of your home.

13) Eliminate all sources of distraction

The buyer must remain focused on the visit, avoid distracting him or her by leaving your devices on (television, radio…). In addition, the broker must be able to exchange fluidly with the potential buyer, to obtain the best results.

14) Keeping animals away

Animals are man’s best friend. Nevertheless, keep them at a distance: some people fear them or are allergic to them and may cut short their visit in their presence.

15) Give free rein to your visits

Be welcoming and attentive, but avoid distracting visitors, who are potential buyers. I will take care of the visit.

16) Pay attention to comments

You think your house is the most beautiful in the area? Let the visitor discover it for himself. If they make any comments, even negative ones, listen to them and I will take care of it.

17) Remain discreet

I am familiar with the needs and desires of the visitors; I will be able to show them all the advantages that your house offers. If you wish to ask me certain questions, please avoid doing so during the visits.

18) Waiting for the right moment

Patience is required if you wish to sell your furniture and accessories to a visitor. Let me know your intentions and I will intervene at the appropriate time.

19) Take advantage of my expertise

I will negotiate with the visitor the selling price, the terms of payment and the date of taking possession. Being a professional, I will know how to carry out the negotiations, and this always to your advantage.

20) Make informed decisions

Before making any important decisions about the sale of your home, it is best to consult me. I have extensive experience, which I will put at your service.

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