Geneviève Langevin buys Skyblü’s first Bitcoin condo

Real estate developer Ray Junior Courtemanche and crypto: real estate broker and investor Geneviève Langevin is the first in Canada to take the plunge and buy a Skyblü Condo in Bitcoins!

Mirabel, July 21, 2022 – For just over a week, real estate developer Ray Junior Courtemanche has been making headlines following the announcement that he would now agree to sell Skyblü condos for cryptocurrency, all through the services of Dello, a Montreal-based fintech company.

Although the entrepreneur was confident that this announcement would sooner or later lead to transactions, he didn’t expect such a strong reaction.

“After the press release, the news literally spread all over the world, in every continent. In just a few days, we received dozens of calls and e-mails from people interested in buying a Skyblü condo with Bitcoins,” says Courtemanche.

It was shortly after reading the news in the media that Geneviève, a well-known real estate broker in the Montreal area, felt compelled to contact the contractor for more information.

“I’ve held cryptocurrency for a few years now, and when I saw the news that a real estate developer was planning to accept it as currency, I immediately wanted to be part of the movement. I sincerely believe that the financial world is evolving and that transactions like this set the tone for the future,” says Geneviève Langevin.

Within days, the deal between the two was done. Geneviève Langevin thus became the first person in Canada to purchase a Skyblü Condo in Bitcoins. For Ray Junior Courtemanche, this was a very significant moment.

“The fact that Geneviève Langevin, a real estate broker who knows so much about the business, is the first to carry out this real estate transaction in crypto speaks volumes. If she buys from us, if she buys the concept, it certainly means we’re doing something right,” concludes Courtemanche.

Like Geneviève Langevin, with Dello, businesses and merchants in all fields will now have the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency and receive it all in cash, directly into their bank account. A revolutionary system that means accepting cryptocurrency, worldwide, will finally become as simple as a traditional transaction!

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