Selling with a broker or selling yourself?

This is the eternal question every seller asks himself when he decides to put his property on the market.

There are three ways to sell your property:

  • Do-it-yourself selling
  • Hybrid selling
  • Selling with a broker

Do-it-yourself selling

While for many, selling by oneself is the preferred solution, since it saves on the broker’s fee, it should be noted that the adventure can sometimes go badly wrong.

Selling your property alone requires a considerable personal investment, as you’ll have to manage the sale from A to Z.

First, you’ll have to pay the marketing fees that personal selling sites charge, which can be as much as $5,000. It’s a not inconsiderable financial investment, which we don’t always think about.

What’s more, selling by evening requires a considerable investment of time, since you’ll be fully responsible for every step of the process, from planning to closing.
You’ll need to take photos that really show off your property. This is a crucial step, because these photos are the first impression buyers will have of your home.

Next, you’ll need to manage all information requests and visits. You’ll need to be able to detach yourself emotionally from your property when negative comments are made. Not always easy!

One of the most difficult stages is negotiation. It’s an art not available to everyone. In general, a buyer making a direct offer tends to negotiate 2 to 4% down. Understanding an offer to purchase and its subtleties can sometimes prove complex. We need to show firmness, but also understanding and flexibility, in order to reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties.

Hybrid selling

It’s a great way to sell your property.

You then sell by yourself, but also with a real estate broker.

The advantage of this formula is that it gives you access to the expertise of a real estate professional. Your property is then visible on all direct sales platforms as well as on all the sites used by your broker, whether it’s his website, his banner site or his social networks. Not forgetting Centris, of course!

A true connoisseur of the industry, the broker will give your property national and international exposure.

Selling with a broker

If you decide to sell in this way, you’ll have absolutely nothing to do. Your broker takes care of everything. He sets the right price, manages visits, purchase offers and negotiations, to bring you the best possible sale price.

Among the advantages of selling with a broker :

  • professional advice
  • he’s with you every step of the way
  • A network of real estate professionals is available to meet your needs.
  • your property will be visible nationally and internationally
  • he’ll advise you on the best way to enhance your building.
  • Real estate broker services are governed by Quebec real estate laws.
  • And contrary to popular belief, you’ll win financially.

In fact, statistics show that selling with a broker, even after paying the broker’s fee, gives you a better selling price than selling on your own.

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