Preparing your home for autumn! Advice from Geneviève Langevin

We’ve all been looking forward to this summer, and we’ve made the most of it, but unfortunately the good times are soon coming to an end. It’s time to get your home ready for autumn, which is slowly but surely approaching… To avoid unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises, there are a few simple things you can do. Let us guide you!


  1. Tidy, clean and protect your garden


Put away the garden furniture, flower pots and planters, the barbecue, trampolines, swings and other children’s play equipment… in short, everything you’ve brought out to enjoy your little patch of greenery. Clean them and store them in a dry, protected place so that they’re ready for use next spring, as soon as the weather permits. But don’t forget to bring out your shovels, rakes and snow brushes!

Empty, clean and cover your pools and SPAs. If you’re using your SPA in winter, be sure to perform a final drain as late as possible before refilling. Don’t forget to empty your garden hose and turn off all outdoor taps before it starts to freeze. Finally, cover the plants and trees you want to protect from the cold this winter.


  • Inspect your roof, gutters and facade

Your home suffers in winter! Your roof and gutters are particularly hard-pressed: rain, snow, ice… Take advantage of this early season to clear away leaves and other debris that could clog them when it rains or later, when the snow melts. Start by removing the largest debris, then clean everything with your garden hose. Inspect your roof and facade for signs of wear and tear, cracks… Having them professionally repaired will protect you against possible water infiltration during heavy rain or thaw periods.


  • Insulate your openings

Your mosquito nets are very effective in summer, but useless in winter. Remove them if you can, and use the time to check the insulation of your doors and windows. Sealing these is an important step. Equip yourself with weather-stripping foam or putty and make sure the warmth doesn’t leave your cosy nest this winter… and save energy in the process!


  • Check your heating system

Whatever your heating system, find out what to do at the start of the winter season, or have it professionally inspected to make sure everything’s in working order before the thermostat reads -25…. If you have electric radiators, you can vacuum their inlets, and it’s even recommended to do so twice a year. If you have a stove or fireplace, make sure your chimney is clear when you first use it. If you haven’t done so in the spring, don’t take any chances – have your chimney swept!

Don’t forget to check that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly, or have them installed.


The little extra…
Switching to the winter season after months of sunshine can be quite depressing… Feeling good at home is very important to avoid the autumn blues! Don’t hesitate to change your home’s decor as the seasons change. Autumn and winter are ideal for cocooning: buy yourself some plaids, cushions, candles, candle-holders… so many inexpensive little objects that will make you want to stay at home with a smile on a rainy day!

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