Langevin Immobilier becomes philanthropic partner of the Fondation Logis Rose Virginie

The end of 2021 marks the start of a wonderful adventure for Langevin Immobilier, which is officially partnering the Fondation Logis Rose Virginie. A system for collecting donations has now been set up by the agency, and several seasonal actions will also be organized to provide material aid to the Foundation on a regular basis. In addition to financial support, the aim is to raise the profile of this cause, which is particularly close to the heart of Geneviève Langevin, the initiator of this partnership.

Le Logis Rose Virginie and the role of its Foundation…

Founded in 1990, Logis Rose Virginie helps women in difficulty by providing supervised, subsidized housing and professional support to help them regain control of their lives. Le Logis also actively contributes to the fight against female homelessness by focusing on prevention among 18-24 year-olds and sustainable social reintegration. Since 2008, the eponymous Foundation has been organizing and managing fundraising events to help its residents. Its mission is to ensure the lodge’s long-term survival, thanks to the support of its donors… of which Langevin Immobilier is now a proud member.

Geneviève Langevin surrounded by Marie-Camille Blais, Executive Director of the Foundation, and France Guillemette, General Manager of Le Logis.

I’d been wanting to get involved with a cause for a long time, and the Logis Rose Virginie Foundation was an obvious choice. As a woman with a difficult past myself, and as a broker sensitive to the issue of housing for all, the unfortunate fate of the thousands of vulnerable women who find themselves on the streets every year touches me. I couldn’t be prouder to join this fight against female homelessness and for the sustainable social integration of all young women, regardless of their background, into our society. ” Geneviève Langevin.

Helping them in practical ways

Accommodation, personalized support, care and the implementation of intervention and follow-up programs require substantial financial resources. Langevin Immobilier will help them financially in the first instance, thanks to the generous donations of sellers and buyers who have helped them with their projects. Geneviève Langevin and her team are committed to matching donations up to $500 per transaction. They will also collect money and materials from a wider public on a more seasonal basis. We’ll tell you more about it very soon, when the first collection takes place…

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