Converting plexes into single-family homes in the Villeray borough

As we mentioned a while ago in a blog post The end of duplex-to-home conversions, many Montreal neighborhoods had decided to introduce bylaws to put an end to the conversion of plexes into single-family homes.

This decision drew a great deal of dissatisfaction from many small owners, who made their views known through written consultations.

On December 11, 2020, the borough of Villeray adopted a new bylaw.

The new regulations

Several exceptions have been made to the conversion of plexes into single-family homes.

  • In buildings of up to 6 dwellings, two dwellings may be merged if the total surface area does not exceed 200m2, not including the basement.

Delighted owners

This decision came as a great relief to many owners in the neighborhood, particularly those of duplexes who had bought with the intention of later converting their property into a single-family home.

When the first regulations were announced, many people were outraged by the restrictions on duplexes, believing them to be unjustified. Indeed, many considered the ever-increasing number of Airbnbs in the neighborhood and the construction of luxury condo projects to have more of an impact on the housing crisis.

Concerned tenants

However, this new regulation has only heightened the concerns of duplex and triplex tenants in Villeray. Many fear that evictions will follow and deplore this situation.

A move to tackle the housing crisis.

For Rosannie Filato, Villeray district councillor, the new by-law is part of a response to the current housing crisis in Montreal.

“We adopted a bylaw designed to protect rental stock, while allowing current and future families to stay in their neighborhood.”

Rosannie Filato

In 2020, 19 requests were made to merge units.

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