I want to buy

Owning property is for a lot of people a life goal. No more rents and wasting money.

Bying a property, rather it’s the first one or the 50th is always a big gesture.

As a buyer, it is important to know the full buying process to avoid unwanted surprises.

4 key points to buy a property


Before you even start looking for a property to buy, it is necessary to get a pre qualification from a bank to know for sure how much money you can borrow.


One of the best way to find your ideal property is looking on the web. There are multiple websites where you can find everything.

You can also walk around the neighborhood that you are interested to look for potential properties for sale.

The best is to ask for the help of a professional real estate agent.

The offer

Once you find the property that you were looking for, it is time to put in an offer.

All elements regarding the sale have to be on the document. If it worries you, don’t hesitate working with a broker.

Going to the notary

Once all the conditions are filled, you have to go to the notary for the property transfer. It’s the last step before you get ownership of the property.

Congratulations you are a home owner!

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